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About Us

Javadi X exchange group was established in 2012 after obtaining the necessary permits.

From that year until now, it has been operating in the field of foreign exchange services in the domestic and international arena for nearly twenty years with brilliant experience, unique facilities, and experienced staff.

Javadi X Exchange has continuously improved and developed the scope of its activities in the field of currency and capital transfer by using its specialized power and valuable reputation, and by complying with all domestic and international rules and regulations, it has been able to be the trustee of its customers in Iran and beyond the borders of our country. In this regard, this exchange has been able to provide special facilities for fast and safe currency transfer and prevent possible losses and risks by using financial methods and tools as well as modern technology.


Some of the services that can be provided in this collection are: sending remittances of Australian dollars in a completely legal, fast and safe way - providing the best Australian dollar rate in real time - buying and selling Australian dollars at the best exchange rate - paying university tuition - paying insurance - Capital transfer and...

Our values

Why Javadi X Exchange?

Safe and secure transaction

We are proud to treat your financial transactions as a top priority. We care about the confidentiality and security of your information and have taken the necessary measures to ensure your secure experience.

Reasonable and fair rate

In currency exchange, we seek to provide the right and fair Australian dollar rate, we set a rate for our customers that is the best rate available in the market. We also provide negotiation and discounts for customers who exchange more currency

Customer-oriented service

At Javadi X exchange, our customers are very valuable to us. We strive to create a positive and satisfying experience for every customer and are always improving our services by listening to your needs and feedback.

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