Frequently asked questions about transferring money to Iran and Australia

With more than two decades of experience, Javadi X exchange has always been the first choice of Iranians living in Australia by providing a wide range of foreign exchange services.

All our foreign currency remittances are under the supervision of Asterek Australia (Australian Anti-Money Laundering Authority). Javadi X is registered in Australia with ABN number 72660236322 and has all the official and legal licenses to transfer money to Iran and Australia.

All the foreign exchange services of Javadi X exchange are completely legal, official and transparent, and every day, it takes steps in the path of progress, focusing on satisfying its dear customers.

Sending money to Iran and Australia through Javadi X exchange can be done in person, online and by phone.

Methods of transferring money to Iran and Australia

Face-to-face: If you want to send money to Iran and Australia in cash, our colleagues at the branches of Javadi X exchange will always answer you dear ones. For this purpose, visit our branches with all the required documents in hand and submit and follow up your request in person.

By phone: Javadi X Exchange is always trying to increase the quality and speed of responding to its customers, and in this regard, for the well-being of its customers, it has made various ways of communication available to you dear ones.

Phone lines for free calls:

Contact number for communication via WhatsApp, Telegram and call:

E-mail :

Online: The safe and exclusive portal of Javadi X Exchange is designed for fast money transfer to Iran and Australia online. All you have to do is to go through a few simple steps and upload your documents in your profile, with just a few clicks, you can make your remittance online, completely safe and immediately.

Online remittances can be easily tracked through your user panel. Finally, it is possible to download the official exchange receipt through your user panel.

Considering that transferring money from unknown accounts is considered a money laundering crime, in order to secure your money and prevent your account from being blocked, Javadi X exchange carries out all its financial transactions from registered accounts and receipts It also offers you an official and reliable exchange.

For this purpose, it is necessary for each of our dear customers to provide the following information to our experts for their first remittance through Javadi X exchange.

Documents required to transfer money to Iran and Australia through Javadi X exchange
An image of a valid passport
An image of a student card or driver’s license or Medicare card
Your mobile number in Australia
Your full address in Australia
Your goal is to transfer money to Iran and Australia
Your bank information in Australia for depositing money

Do not worry! As a reliable and registered exchange in Australia, Javadi X is the trustee of its customers, and all your documents and financial transactions are entrusted to us, and there is no need to send all the documents for every money transfer. Send your next remittances faster by sending or uploading them on the Javadi X portal.

Our goal is the fastest possible time to send money to Iran and Australia. The average period of time since the money is deposited in the source account and can be withdrawn is at least 1 to 3 working days.

Sometimes, unforeseen and emergency situations occur, which may cause a slight delay in this period.

In order to know and ensure the exact time of remittance when your remittance is urgent and necessary, please let our experts know that it is a forced remittance before making it so that the money can be deposited into the destination account at the time you need.

Trust Javadi X exchange to send Australian dollar remittance in white and legal form with peace of mind. Because all our transactions are reported to the Australian Anti-Money Laundering Authority.

Presenting the official and legal receipt of the exchange after sending your currency transfer is a document of the authenticity of this claim.

Javadi X Exchange does not have any restrictions on the amount of its currency transfers. All transfers with small and large amounts are completely official and legal.

We intend to make all currency transfers for dear students without receiving any fees.

For other customers, within a period of one month, all remittances are made without receiving a fee. If the time expires, the amount of your service fee will be announced.

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