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Australian Dollar Remittance

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Remittance of dollars from Australia to Iran

Remittance of dollars from Iran to Australia
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New and Reliable Foreign Exchange Services

Javadi X Group was established in the year 1382 (Shamsi) 2003/2004 (Gregorian) after obtaining the necessary licenses. Since then, for nearly two decades, with its outstanding experience, exceptional facilities, and a skilled team, it has been active in the field of currency services both domestically and internationally.

Javadi X has continuously expanded and developed its range of activities in currency exchange and capital transfer, all while adhering to domestic and international regulations. It has successfully earned the trust of its customers within Iran and beyond our borders. In this regard, the exchange has leveraged modern financial tools, techniques, and up-to-date technology to provide special capabilities for swift and secure currency transfers, mitigating potential risks and losses


Our values

Why Javadi X Exchange?

Safe and secure transaction

We are proud to treat your financial transactions as a top priority. We care about the confidentiality and security of your information and have taken the necessary measures to ensure your secure experience.

Reasonable and fair rate

In currency exchange, we seek to provide the right and fair Australian dollar rate, we set a rate for our customers that is the best rate available in the market. We also provide negotiation and discounts for customers who exchange more currency

Customer-oriented service

At Javadi X exchange, our customers are very valuable to us. We strive to create a positive and satisfying experience for every customer and are always improving our services by listening to your needs and feedback.

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راهنمای دریافت ارز مسافرتی مهر 1402​
اخبار ارزی و اقتصادی

راهنمای دریافت ارز مسافرتی ( مهر 1402 )

اگر در تکاپوی سفر به خارج از ایران هستید باید نکاتی را درباره ی ارز مسافرتی 1402 بدانید. لازم است مقدار ارز دولتی هر مسافر، شرایط دریافت و مدارک مورد نیاز را قبل از اقدام بدانید. برای دریافت اطلاعات مورد نیاز خود این مقاله را تا انتها بخوانید

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راهنمای دریافت ارز دولتی - خرید دلار با کارت ملی
اخبار ارزی و اقتصادی

دریافت ارز دولتی (مهر 1402)- خرید دلار با کارت ملی

ارز دولتی یا همان دلار دولتی ارزی است که در مرکز مبادلات ارزی با قیمت پایین تر از قیمت بازار آزاد توسط دولت عرضه می شود.  منبع تامین ارز دولتی فروش نفت خام  ، گاز و … است که توسط دولت و بانک های عامل قابل تهیه و خریداری است.

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